Tragic historiography

The Santozeum is hard at work on its first Manifesto conference.  The mission is to bring together scholars, practitioners, critics and journalists from across the arts on the battlefield of this economically pressured moment and to dare each one to fly the banner of their intent honestly.  Competition thrives both in the professional, practical arena and in academic institutions.  Productive, respectful competition spurs action and develops thought in the thematic manner of Roman friezes – spatially we coexist.  Both accomplishment and failure are given equal aesthetic consideration.  Check in with for the roster of fighters in April.

“… the pathetic motif of the barbarian who, hard-pressed by his enemies, carries from the tumult of battle a dead comrade with all the beauty of youth, embodies all the features of ‘tragic’ historiography.  Here again, glorification of one’s own victory is not incompatible with sympathy for the fate of one’s enemy, and even the recognition of his impressive traits.  Conqueror and conquered are so far separated from each other that each can, to a great extent, be portrayed in his own glory or misery.”

Tonio Hölscher, The Language of Images in Roman Art 40-1.

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