9:15 – Costas arrives on Santorini with all of his video equipment.

11:30 – We leave to meet with Barba Theodosis.

12:00 – The entire party is present at Natassa cafe, including Theodosis, with whom a chat is had.

12:30 – Photos are taken and an interview is had with Theodosis in his home.

1:00 – The group departs in search of nourishment.

2:00 – Discussions concerning short film commence.

2:30 – Lunch is served; much fish is consumed. Simultaneously, Ileana organizes the catering and buys infinite newspapers.

7:25 – We set out on a long journey across half of Santorini.

8:50 – Pickup is done by Dinos and Argyris.

9:30 – Wasted Youth is shown to some wasted youth.

11:00 – Margaritas and burritos on the roof prove a delicious combination.

12:15 – L’Aventura becomes an object of study for the volcano day to come.

12:30 – The exhausted team falls into sleep.

Ana: The seeming inertness of this day is but a front – we are making arrangements with the right people, planning expeditions, and hoping that our preparations will yield results as perfect as predicted. It is not without its broad divisions of time, however – waiting under lemon trees, hunting for film clips, choosing carefully between staircases. All the covert work being done behind the veneer of relaxation is some of the most important for the events to come, as the caterer is starting to get it and the team has reason to be excited for its film remake the next day.

None of this is to say that there was no slab of time left for amusement, which was pounded into reddish dust on our shoes in the sunlight on the cliff. If you thought driving on the island was nerve-wracking, you have obviously never experienced the nervous beauty of walking it. Darkly bright orange blooming from the rocks grows only towards the sunset, and I should not be surprised to see so many cacti, but I am. There are only so many potential tumbles one can avoid in inadequate walking shoes, however, and so the success of the rooftop film screening is easily enjoyed by those who have finally found a place to rest their legs.

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