10:15 – Today marks one of the few mornings in which everyone is present at the breakfast table.
11:05 – An early-morning journey is made to the conference center on a too-long mission to print.
11:30 – Jessica and Ana return to the house.
11:35 – Enter Akis Kapranos.
12:30 – Ileana and Jessica look over Paradise to judge where and whether it should be screened.
1:45 – Lunch is had and excitement is shared over Peter’s booming popularity.
3:00 – Jessica confirms all travel arrangements with directors.
5:00 – Akis Kapranos interviews Ileana.
6:45 – Jessica goes to meet Pep.
7:30 – We dine at Aktaion.
9:00 – Encardia is followed by a downstairs screening of Paradise, the former with a large turnout and the latter with a decent one.
12:30 – Our final screenings end.

Ana:  Just when we thought the consistent bake of the sun couldn’t get any more difficult to work under, today is somehow even more oppressive while remaining at the same temperature that Santorini has seen for as long as my mind lets me think back. Nobody can rush, especially not the computer down below which has decided that it has had enough of us and our finickity, fancy paper demands. At the very least, the stretched-out time allows us to think through the reception of our new guests and the planning of the night. The reporter has been housed somewhere beyond my field of vision, from what I hear, and screening Paradise before screening Paradise turned out to be an inspired move.Who is this fast-talking friend of Jessica’s who has come to our leisurely dinner? Pep’s ease with communicating verbally with the rest of the table may not be so great, but his animation and willingness to join in allow him to do so better than I can. The teenage boys calling down to the sidewalks below stick around almost as long as we do before we follow the crowds to the Santozeum. I have never seen so many people on the roof before this last night, and there are two pairs of sneakers propped up on my chair and a man behind me whose face I can see since he is leaning so far on the edge of his seat. A graceful chat or two later, the chairs are lowered in twos downstairs as our audience descends in similar fashion with stairs. Those who stay hang towards the back against the glass windows. It’s been a successful night. When we return home, it’s with a prevailing sense of movies well-watched.

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