8:20 – All of the team departs for a film shooting at the volcano, save Carl and the intern, who works on a contact sheet.

9:00 – Nina, Kostas, Maroan, Ileana, Peter and Jessica arrive on the Volcano.

Shooting begins at the volcano.

11:40 – The contact sheet is finished. The others swim.

1:10 – Jessica and Ana embark on an expedition to the conference center to do some printing.

1:45 – Upon return, we lunch; our guest is a PR man and his girlfriend.

3:30 – Jessica and Ana return to the conference center.

4:30 – The two return victorious.

5:15 – A trip is made to Oia with the purpose of inviting Atlantis Books to the Santozeum event on the 26th.

6:45 – We return to the house.

6:50 – 2/3 of the Santozeum team visit the Santorini Palace to negotiate the booking of rooms for the incoming directors.

7:15 – The two return semi-victorious.

8:30 – Jessica and Ana head out to a café to get some chocolate, coffee, and a lemon meringue tart.

9:00 – Gavdos. Southwards and The Blind Fisherman turn out to be a success, with someone from the Santorini Film Club promising a large turnout the following night.

Ana: I am half-sick of staircases at this point in time, but the work accomplished is already proving to be endlessly useful. I know now what it is to complete tasks, on my part; the structuring of information and the manifestation of its presentation is altogether deeply rewarding, especially in this atmosphere of blue and air and sea salt. The plans we make with neighboring establishments are almost perfect and we are nearly certain that our visitors may possibly perhaps have lodgings soon enough.

The pleasure borne of our professional successes is not quite mitigated by our journey to Oia, the sparkling white other-town. Our purpose here is to delve into the old pages and winding space littered with witty notes where an invitee of ours runs a bookshop. This is a space of innumerable small delights to me, but the space is sometimes disparate in character from its inhabitants, and as we leave in a glow of sun, not all of us are sure of having made the right decision. At least we are sure of what we corporeally took away from the encounter, and regardless of the day’s trials and impressions, I read haiku late into the night.

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