Pachinko Playalong + new Fello works

During their one-month-long residency in October 2015, Leo Hoffmann and Andi Otto prepared the presentation of Pachinko Playalong (2014). This installation builds upon a feedback loop between a camera and a projection. The camera is set up behind motorized Venetian blinds onto which the live image is projected. An Arduino-controlled motor opens and closes the blinds according to the music which leads to visual feedback, gradual shifts in transparency and opacity of the setup, and – as an unexpected result we discovered during the process – most beautiful northern-light-style reflections all over the space.  Further on Andi Otto premiered new works for Fello, an experimental music-making instrument.

“Fello is Andi Otto’s unique sensor-extended cello bow. It connects the cello and the computer as one instrument, using the bow as a special interface. The bow is used to play the cello in the traditional way, but in Fello it also holds a set of sensors that measure the movement and acceleration of the bow, as well as the applied finger pressure. This data is used to control audio software that tweaks the amplified cello sound directly in relation to Andi’s hand and arm gestures.” (Andi Otto, What is Fello?)

Svg Vector Icons :