Still Here (II) for Santozeum is the second iteration of an installation that transmits soundscapes from the island of Santorini using radio receivers built into locally salvaged birdcages.

On this occasion our focus is on sonifying a bird’s experience of the island’s magnetic field. Caught and held in tiny cages the bird’s song soundtracks moments of peace for their owners, as they sit surrounded by their cages on roof terraces in the relative quiet of late afternoon. Meanwhile the birds’ reading of this pastoral idyll is possibly far more dramatic than listeners might expect.

A field in constant flux, especially so due to the island’s location amidst a volcanic range, is transmitting continually shifting queues that
these birds are more prone to sense, even if they are unable to move.

Still Here (II) is a spatialized installation that uses FM transmitters to aurally represent the deviation of the magnetic poles and the local magnetic field through the local, captive, avian perspective.



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