The copyist

The process of wiring the house taxed months of stripping and reinserting minute, multicolored highways of sound and electricity.  From its reverberations we channeled sounds.  House sounds within house ambient, house volume within city within landscape.  Surely a larger volume contains the island, its volcano and its underwater roots.

Copying sounds started the process of reconstructing ancient experience.

Which contemporary soundscapes mirror the ancient processional from cliff bottom to settlement top?

Within the permanent copies of the ancient wall paintings, an entire society of citizens, animals and deities exists stratified by garb, custom and location.  They totality of sound must have common points with the totality of Santorini outside the sun, outside the stillness and amnesia of July and August.  Varied, swift, extreme weather changes carry the bodies of February, March, April or October as if planted upside down, head with a cubed weather system: the rising thickest fog, the rain and sweepiest wind, and the general changeability and haughtiness of weather disrespectful of its live participants.

Ambient Santorini does not discriminate its sounds from town, bustle, donkeycalls and repetitions of the same three lyrics from Zorba the Greek.

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