Sign competition

The Santozeum is thrilled to announce our first competition!

As a museum interested in the junctures between contemporary, amateur, avant-garde art practices and established, ancient, professional practitioners, choosing the sign to represent us is an opportunity to make a statement on the façade on a cultural edifice.

Our current Hollywood orange sign is a two-dimensional tongue-in-cheek statement on how the heavily visited and photographed island of Santorini introduces itself in its signage.  Purposefully mounted on a ledge lower than the visible museum wall, those seeking to photograph or admire the caldera view, must approach and view through the sign.  Reading the sign requires proximity, and the sign’s length ensures its presence subtitling the view.

For our 2013 season we are asking you to design the Santozeum sign!  What does a cultural institution mean to you and how do you envisage your sign could represent it?  Do you think contemporary art practice can coexist and stand its ground alongside the wealth of antiquities in Greece?  How can the design of a sign conjure the artistic tensions across two millennia?  Can humor help to bridge the gap?

The winning design will be constructed and mounted on the Santozeum building in Santorini and it will feature on the museum’s website.

Please submit your work to the following email address:

Thank you and we look forward to choosing one of your designs as the solution to our challenge.

The Santozeum Team

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