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Some of our residencies:

Order of The Third Bird - Library of attention

Archive and 6 day performances of attention

Co-curated with the Order of the Third Bird - D. Graham Burnett, Sal Randolph, and Jeff Dolven - the Santozeum hosts the Birds’ first Library of Attention. The collection is arranged according to tenets of attention, synaesthesia, preconceived notions of a space and an island previously unvisited (and if visited, then purposefully forgotten). The library archive continued with an iteration at the Palais de Tokyo.

Sun, Sea, Volcano

Neon sign installation

Nina Fischer & Maroan El Sani, Berlin

Pachinko Playalong and new fello works

Sound, video, live performance and installation

Andi Otto & Leo Hoffmann, Hamburg

New Blood Greek Cinema

Cutting edge Greek films and Directors talks

Features: Babis Makridis, Filippos Tsitos, Argyris Papadimitropoulos, Panagiotis Fafoutis, Yorgos Gikapeppas Documentaries: Angelos Kovotsos, Stratis Voyatzis and Thekla Malamou, Anthi Daoundaki, Myrna Tsapa, Stavros Psyllakis

Radio Free Santorini and Aural Lighthouses

3 day sound installations, performances, talks and radio broadcast events

Keynotes: Raviv Ganchrow, Salomé Voegelin, Andrea Polli Moderator: Rustom Bharucha

Drifting Cities - Rock

Large scale sound and sculpture installation

Petros Babasikas & Sebastien Seixas, Athens

Upcoming Residencies

Sandwich Gallery Bucharest

(Combinatul Fondului Plastic), Bucharest, Romania

Sandwich uses the hidden potential of a residual space in-between two utilitarian buildings, with the atypical proportion of 1.5 by 8 meters