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SANTOZEUM / Installations (Page 2)

Ambient Santorini

Each artist will live in the history of Santorini for a duration of time. The ambient lives with, through and in the work produced. This is a blink into our ambient . ...


Beneath the surface of the Cycladic water lie, live vulcanoes. http://www.gatech.edu/newsroom/release.html?nid=116501 The underwater is active and we only have a pseudo image pointing at the threshholds of its activity. The image provided by http://ismosav.santorini.net is both map and approximation, abstraction and concrete landscape. Destruction, underwater mountain ranges, volcanic cones,...

The Copyist

The process of wiring the house taxed months of stripping and reinserting minute, multicolored highways of sound and electricity.  From its reverberations we channeled sounds.  House sounds within house ambient, house volume within city within landscape.  Surely a larger volume contains the island, its volcano...