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The Copyist

The process of wiring the house taxed months of stripping and reinserting minute, multicolored highways of sound and electricity.  From its reverberations we channeled sounds.  House sounds within house ambient, house volume within city within landscape.  Surely a larger volume contains the island, its volcano...

A house with a view

[good-old-gallery id="184" size="full" fx="fade" timeout="6000" speed="1500" pager="false" navigation="false"] On the April fool’s day past, already five months into the Santozeum project, the earthquake in Japan reverberated along a system of underwater tremors through Crete to Santorini.  The cliff top moved for a minute, the chandelier swung,...


Housed within this recently refurbished modernist residence, the Santozeum is an exhibit space that unites family heritage and involvement in the artistic traditions of the island, with a vision to create a cultural movement exposing artists to the island and commissioning new works inspired by...